Stills from 'UNIFORM' film featuring AW10/11 collection

After taking a season out and exploring a fundamentally more sustainable business 
fashion model based on design as a ‘continuum’ and not as a ‘fashion moment or 
season’. The Convenience Store returns for AW10/11 welcoming a movement of ‘New 
Design Austerity’ and with a fresh design mandate and manifesto – UNIFORM!. 
u·ni·form  (yn-fôrm) 
1. Always the same, as in character or degree; unvarying. 
2. Conforming to one principle, standard, or rule; consistent. 
3. Being the same as or consonant with another or others. 
4. Unvaried in texture, colour, or design. 
1. A distinctive outfit intended to identify those who wear it as members of a specific group. 
2. One set of such an outfit. 
The Convenience Store UNIFORM! is an interchangeable working wardrobe supplied 
by an edited and carefully selected clutch of contemporary designers. The aesthetic is 
modern, chic, stylish, intelligent, original and advanced. The pieces are not exclusive to 
the store but have been carefully sourced, selected, edited and curated to represent a 
unique visual identity. However, The Convenience Store is forging working relations with 
all designers selling to The Convenience Store to create new channels of working 
projects and conversations or ‘Extra Value’.
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